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Professionally run visa facilitation company with years of experience. The company has taken graceful steps to be recognized as one of the most respected and sought after immigration and visa services companies in the country.

The company comprises of a professional team ready to handle any challenge given to them . The team believes in the core values of Transparency, Clean Business ethics, Customer satisfaction, Trustworthiness, End to End guidance and Timely service delivery.

We provide free language assessment coaching, post landing services, resume enhancement according to Canadian industry standards and complete guidance on making Canada your new home.

Our services extend beyond that as well and we take immense pride in partnering with you. We will help you resolve any doubts, queries and concerns that develop along the way.

Partner with a visa consultant for expert guidance and support throughout your visa application process. Our team offers customized solutions that meet your unique needs, ensuring that your application meets all the requirements and stands out from the rest.

About Me

Tegvir Paintal, the CEO has been in the industry since years and has assisted several individuals realize their dreams of moving to Canada. Having a presence in Canada and access to various resources including government services has numerous benefits during the application phase. Familiarity with immigration related government policies and future trends can assist the individuals in making the right decision.

Success Stories

We have numerous success stories and would like to enhance and expand on those credentials to better serve our customers . We are 100% customer driven and provide in depth and up to date knowledge to our customers as and when required by them. Take a look at our testimonials section to help answer your questions and clear any doubts that you have.

Explore the various Canadian immigration programs and migrate to Canada for a new world of opportunities and possibilities. Our team of experts provides guidance and support throughout the immigration process, making your move to Canada smooth and successful.


Help make your dream destination the place of choice to live, work, play and grow.


To empower every customer to have a positive and memorable experience.


Transparency, Business Ethics, Trust, Reliability, Integrity, Respect and Compassion.