Testimonials For Canada Tourist Visa

My journey to Canada as a Permanent has been nothing short of incredible. Right from the time I stepped into the office till the time I reached Canada Elite held my hand and supported me at each step of the way, whether it was helping with the IELTS, the ease of document collection and post landing services such as accommodation, bank accounts and government related service. The CEO Mr. Tegvir Paintal was available for consultation with as and when i wanted. I highly highly recommend Elite services to anyone looking to go to their dream destination.

Neha Joshi

We were having difficulty in getting a higher score for the IELTS and Making the CRS cutoff. Tegvir recommended us to use a certain approach and after having a meeting with the instructor both me and my husband got 8 band giving us an ITA from the Canadian Government. The entire process was very smooth and within the time frame specified to us.
Daniel’s Canada visa application was expedited with the efficient services of elite visa services, allowing him to smoothly transition to Canada for a new job opportunity and start building his future in the country.

Aastha and Swapnil