May 24, 2023

How To Apply For A Visitor Visa Canada For Parents

How To Apply For A Visitor Visa Canada For Parents

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Canada is a popular place for people to go to see their friends and family. If your parents live somewhere other than Canada, you might want to ask them to visit you or come to a special event. The government of Canada lets parents come to the country for a short time on a visitor visa. But registering for a visitor visa can be hard, especially for people who don’t know how the process works. In this piece, we’ll give an overview of how parents can apply for a visitor visa and talk about how important it is to visit parents in Canada.

Importance of visiting parents in Canada:

Visiting your parents in Canada is a great way to keep family bonds strong. It gives parents a chance to spend quality time with their kids and grandkids and gives the whole family a chance to make new memories together. A visit from your parents can also help you feel less homesick and give you mental support when things are hard. Also, it’s a chance for parents who have never been to Canada before to learn about the culture, see the country, and meet new people.

Overview of the visitor visa application process:

Parents will need to get a tourist visa in order to go to Canada. There are a few steps you need to take in order to get a visitor’s visa. First, it’s important to see if you can get a visitor visa by looking at the standards and other things that could affect your eligibility. Next, the parents will need to gather the necessary papers, such as passports and travel documents, proof of financial support, and an invitation letter. Parents will also have to go to a biometrics meeting where their fingerprints will be taken and a picture of them will be taken. Visitor visas can take different amounts of time to process, so it’s important to plan ahead. Once the application is processed, the parents will find out if they were accepted. If they were, they would be given a visitor visa that would let them come to Canada for a limited time.

Determine Eligibility

Before getting a guest visa for your parents, you need to make sure they are eligible. To get a visitor visa, parents must meet certain standards, such as having a valid passport, being in good health, not having a criminal record, and showing that they have ties to their home country that will make sure they go back after their trip to Canada.

Requirements for obtaining a visitor visa:

To get a tourist visa, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and follow certain procedures. Some of these standards include showing proof of financial support, having a letter of invitation from a host in Canada, and showing ties to their home country. Parents must also show that they have a good reason to go to Canada, like going to a family event or seeing a sick relative.

Factors that may affect eligibility:

There are many things that can affect whether or not you can get a visitor visa. These include the reason for the visit, how long it will last, the parent’s finances, and whether or not they have ever immigrated before. Even if a parent meets all of the requirements for a visitor visa, there is no guarantee that the visa will be granted.

Gather Required Documents

To get a guest visa for your parents, you’ll need a few things. These papers include a passport and travel documents, proof of financial support, an invitation letter, and other supporting documents.

Passport and travel documents:

Parents must have a legal passport that doesn’t expire before the end of their trip to Canada. They must also show any old IDs, if they have any. Also, they have to show proof of trip, like a flight ticket or itinerary.

Proof of financial support:

Parents have to show proof that they have enough money to cover all of their costs while they are in Canada. This could be a bank account, a letter from a sponsor, or proof of work.

Invitation letter:

For parents to get a visitor visa, they need a letter of introduction from a host in Canada. The letter should include information like the reason for the visit, how long it will last, and where the person will stay.

Other supporting documents:

Proof of ties to their home country, like owning land or having a job, and a record of their travels may also be needed.

Attend Biometrics Appointment

Parents will have to go to a biometrics meeting after they send in the application and pay the processing fee.

Explanation of biometrics:

In biometrics, fingerprints and a picture of the father are taken. The biometric information is used to confirm their name and make a record of their biometrics. The fingerprint record is good for 10 years and can be used to apply to Canada again in the future.

Booking an appointment:

After the application has been sent in, the biometrics meeting must be set up. Online or over the phone reservations are both available. After getting the biometrics instruction letter, the meeting must be held within 30 days.

Attending the appointment:

Parents will have to give their fingerprints and have their picture taken at the biometrics session. Most appointments take less than 30 minutes, and parents must bring their visa and a letter with instructions for biometrics.

Wait For Processing

Processing times for visitor visas:

After the biometrics meeting, the parents have to wait for their application for a visitor visa to be processed. Visitor visas can take different amounts of time to process based on the country of origin and the number of applications. Most of the time, processing can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Checking the status of the application:

Parents can find out what’s going on with their application online by using the unique application number they were given when they sent it in. The online status tool will tell you if the application is being processed, if it has been accepted, or if it has been turned down.

Possible outcomes of the application:

A visitor visa application can go one of three ways: it can be accepted, it can be denied, or more information is needed. If the application is accepted, the parent will get a visitor visa that will let them go to Canada. If the application is turned down, the parent will be told why it was turned down. If more information is needed, the visa office will get in touch with the parent.

Plan Your Trip:

Parents can start to plan their trip to Canada once the visitor visa has been accepted.

Booking flights and accommodations:

Parents should book their flights and places to stay as soon as possible to get the best deals. They should also make sure they have a return ticket booked, as this is a condition for entering Canada.

Preparing for the trip:

Parents should make sure they have their passports, visitor visas, and travel papers before they leave for their trip. They should also bring clothes that are right for the weather and the things they want to do in Canada.

Understanding Canadian customs and immigration procedures:

Before going to Canada, parents should learn about Canadian traditions and how to get into the country. This means they need to know what items are banned or limited, report any things they bring into the country, and know how to get through customs and immigration.


To visit family in Canada, it can be hard to get a visitor’s visa. But parents can improve their chances of getting a visitor visa if they know what is needed, get the documents they need, and fill out the application correctly and honestly. After the biometrics appointment, parents must wait for their application to be processed. Once their visitor visa is accepted, they can start planning their trip to Canada.

Recap of the visitor visa application process for parents:

  • Determine eligibility
  • Get the necessary paperwork
  • Fill out an application
  • Biometrics schedule to attend
  • Wait for things to happen
  • Set up your trip.

Encouragement to visit loved ones in Canada:

Visiting family in Canada can be satisfying, and it’s important to keep in touch with family. Even though it can be hard to get a tourist visa, it is worth the trouble to see family and friends. Canada is a large and beautiful country with a lot to see and do. By following the steps for getting a visitor visa, parents can have a happy trip to Canada and make memories with their loved ones that they will always remember.

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