Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Tourist Visa

A visitor visa (Temporary resident visa) is an official document that is attached in the passport. It shows that one meets the requirements needed to enter Canada. The visa has a validity of 10 years and one can stay up to 6 months at a time which includes multiple entries to Canada.

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The Canada tourist visa application process typically involves submitting your application, supporting documents, and biometric information, and waiting for a decision from the Canadian government.

After careful planning and preparation, Mark's Canada tourist visa was granted, and he eagerly packed his bags to embark on a memorable journey to explore the scenic beauty and cultural richness of Canada.

Parent/Grandparent (Supervisa)​

This visa allows you to enter Canada multiple times and has a validity of 10 years. Parents and grandparents of Permanent Residents or citizens of Canada can live in the country up to 2 years at a time. The visa can also be extended for a third year while living in Canada.

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements

The parents/grandparents would need to consider the following:

Purchase Canadian medical insurance. Proof of funds by the sponsoring individual. A minimum of $100k CAD in medical insurance Medical exams Cannot work, study or perform economical transactions during their stay in Canada. If not from a visa-exempt country then they will need to provide biometrics

There are some other requirements as well apart from the ones mentioned above which will be discussed when applying for the visa.

When applying for a Canada tourist visa, it’s crucial to ensure that all the information you provide is accurate and truthful to avoid potential consequences such as rejection of your application or future immigration issues.

Tourist Visa Services


Providing guidance and information regarding the requirements, application process, and restrictions associated with visitor visas for various countries.

Documentation Assistance

Assisting clients in compiling the essential documentation, such as travel itineraries, flight and hotel reservations, travel insurance, financial statements, and, if required, invitation letters.

Application Preparation

Assisting clients in accurately and timely submitting tourist visa application forms.

Application Review

Examining the completed applications to ensure they satisfy the country's and embassies or consulates specific requirement

Appointment Booking

Assisting clients with scheduling interviews and visa submission appointments, if required.

Visa Tracking

Keeping clients informed of the status of their visa application and providing any necessary assistance or follow-up with the relevant authorities.

Additional Services

Assistance with supplementary services such as travel insurance, visa fee payment, and visa extension.

Recreation Advisory

Helping you with the location preferences and best accommodation as well as location specific recommendations to fulfill all your desired travel needs.