Business Immigration Visa

A Canada business visa allows foreign business people to visit Canada temporarily to conduct business activities such as attending meetings or conferences, negotiating contracts, or exploring business opportunities.

Have a business idea! The government of Canada will help you with the funding be it Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors or Business Incubators.

The Canada business visa allows entrepreneurs to enter the country for a temporary period to establish or expand their business.

Pitch your idea and receive up to $200000 in investment from designated organizations. Receive a temporary work permit to come and work in Canada till your PR application is under process.

Permanent Residency Express Entry

The Canada business visa allows individuals to visit Canada for business-related activities, such as attending conferences or meetings, and exploring business opportunities.The economy has shown positive growth year after year and there is no better time to avail the numerous benefits of owning a business of your choice.

Canada business visa allows foreign nationals to visit Canada temporarily for conducting business activities like attending conferences, meetings, and exploring business opportunities.Business visa Canada is a great option for entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to start a new venture or expand their existing business in Canada.

Business Immigration Visa Services


Providing guidance and advice on the various permanent residency programs available in various countries, such as skilled worker programs, family sponsorship, investment-based programs, and humanitarian programs

Eligibility Assessment

Assessing client's skills, business plans, financial abilities, and other important factors to see if they are eligible for certain business visa programs

Application Submission

Helping customers with the application process, such as filling out forms, collecting documents, and sending them to the right people.

Document Preparation

Helping clients make the necessary documents, such as business plans, financial statements, proof of investment funds, incorporation papers, and other needed supporting documents.

Communication with Immigration Authorities

Serving as a go-between for clients and immigration officials, taking care of any contact or questions about the business immigration application.

Interview Preparation

Helping clients prepare for interviews or tests that may be part of the business visa application process by giving them advice and help.

Visa Tracking

Keeping clients up to date on the state of their business immigration visa application and letting them know about any new steps or requirements.

Post-Approval Support

Helping customers with things like getting permits, knowing their business immigration visa, and settling in and merging after their applications have been approved.

Advantages of Business Immigration Visa Canada
  • No age limit for visa.
  • No express entry points based system.
  • No high level of education.
  • Get temporary work permit till PR is processed.
  • Up to $200,000 in funding from designated organizations.
  • Zero investment from your end.
  • Investment made by venture capitalists, angel investors and business incubators.
  • If you plan to travel to Canada for business purposes, you may need to apply for a Canada business visa.
  • Hold PR even if the business fails.
Canada Business Visa Requirements
  • CLB Level 5
  • Letter of Support from Designated Organizations.
  • Proof of funds to Support Self and Family for 1 Year.
  • Commitment certificate from investment agencies.
  • Each person must hold 10% of company Shares.
  • If you plan to visit Canada for business purposes, you may require a Canada business visa.