Unlock Your Canadian Dream: Migrate to Canada with Our Expert Visa Services!

Ready to make your dream of migrating to Canada a reality? Let our team of expert visa consultants guide you through the process. With years of experience and a deep understanding of Canadian immigration laws, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful transition to your new home.


Best Canadian Immigration Consultants

Professionally run visa facilitation company with years of experience. The company has taken graceful steps to be recognized as one of the most respected and sought after immigration and visa services companies in the country.

If you are planning to visit Canada for tourism purposes, you will need to obtain a Canada tourist visa, also known as a visitor visa.

Elite Visa Services comprises of a professional team ready to handle any challenge given to them. The team believes in the core values of Transparency, Clean business ethics, Customer satisfaction, Trustworthiness, End to End guidance and Timely service delivery.

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All your visa requirements under one roof!

Elite Services is an established visa facilitation firm. We provide world-class services in the fields of permanent residency, tourist visas, international education and more. Our experience enables us to evaluate and simplify the visa procedure to meet all your requirements.

Permanent Residency Services

We provide guidance and advice on the various permanent residency programmes, assess clients’ eligibility, qualifications, skills, work experience, education, and other relevant factors and assist clients in preparing and organizing the required documentation for permanent residency applications.

Study Permit Services

Elite Services assists you with your student permit application by providing Screening Services, interview assistance and IELTS Coaching to ensure that your study permit is approved.

Tourist Visa Services

Enjoy multiple entries into Canada, Sponsor parents and grandparents for super visa with a validity up to 10 years. We also provide best industry rates for ticketing and complete all formalities in regards to your visa.
Why Choose us?

Choosing an immigration company can be tough and we understand where that stems from. There have been numerous queries and doubts regarding the integrity of visa and immigration companies since years and we help to solve all those doubts and misbeliefs.

We scrutinize the application and go through every detail until it’s ready to be submitted in the legally accepted format, leaving zero margins for error. Having the expertise and know how regarding all visa matters and understanding the fears, doubts and questions that the clients have helps us solve all their queries.

Strong Networks

We have presence in Canada as well which makes it safe and secure for the Clients to instill trust in us. Upto date information of the local economy and future trends helps us guide the customer in the best possible way.

Post Landing Services

One of the most important aspects of moving to Canada are the post landing services (Government Services, Bank Accounts, Accommodation etc.). Complete guidance is provided to the customers till they are completely settled in their environment.

Application Updates and Tracking

From the day you enter our office till the day you land in your dream destination we provide 100% transparency and maintain utmost privacy with regards to your application. At every step we provide updates and knowledge in regards to the the application process.

Additional Services

We offer detailed, comprehensive and professional Canadian industry recognized resume services. Complete guidance job search is performed from our end. We make sure you have the highest possibility of securing your dream job in Canada.

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PR Overview

How it works

  • Give us a call
  • Get eligibility evaluation
  • Enter the express entry system
  • Get government invitation
  • Submit documents
  • Obtain travel visa
  • Fly to Canada

PR Benefits

  • Become citizen after 3 years
  • Sponsor family
  • Free medical
  • Free child education
  • Multicultural environment
  • Business oportunities
  • Better pay
  • High quality of life

Why Choose Us

  • IRCC approved canadian lawyers
  • Canadian presence
  • On time visa approval
  • Post landing services
  • Free IELTS coaching
  • Free resume writing & job search
  • Many success stories

Testimonials For Canada Tourist Visa

My journey to Canada as a Permanent has been nothing short of incredible. Right from the time I stepped into the office till the time I reached Canada Elite held my hand and supported me at each step of the way, whether it was helping with the IELTS, the ease of document collection and post landing services such as accommodation, bank accounts and government related service. The CEO Mr. Tegvir Paintal was available for consultation with as and when i wanted. I highly highly recommend Elite services to anyone looking to go to their dream destination.

Neha Joshi

We were having difficulty in getting a higher score for the IELTS and Making the CRS cutoff. Tegvir recommended us to use a certain approach and after having a meeting with the instructor both me and my husband got 8 band giving us an ITA from the Canadian Government. The entire process was very smooth and within the time frame specified to us.
Daniel’s Canada visa application was expedited with the efficient services of elite visa services, allowing him to smoothly transition to Canada for a new job opportunity and start building his future in the country.

Aastha and Swapnil

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